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TUU - The Unknown Unit.

Welcome to the website for the squad "The Unknown Unit".
We are an Arma 2 Dayz Overpoch squad.

This is mainly a place for the squad to share info, get news, socialize and to keep track of events.

People who wishes to join us please use the recruitment form and you will be informed if you get accepted. And provide as much useful info as you can in 1000 words, there is a guideline with examples, but if you have more info other than the suggested ones feel free to share to better your chance of being accepted.

We are looking for honorable players who likes tactics and aren't a born bandit. 
Doesn't matter if you are a kid just as long as you can drop the immaturity when things get serious ingame and as long as you can follow orders when it gets serious. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CHEATERS - IF YOU NEED TO CHEAT TO PLAY THIS GAME THEN YOU MUST REALLY SUCK AT THIS GAME. Practise instead, work hard and learn hard. If you cheat in this squad and put us in a bad light you will be permanently banned from this squad and cursed - I will personally make a voodoo doll of you and put pins in it.
Anyone know how todo Squad tags?
8th Aug 2014 · TUU-SL Tailosdk · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

I'm looking for someone who knows how todo this:

I'm afraid I have no idea what they are on about in that and its been a few years since I last played with html/xml programmings.
And I really want the tags to show when we play since [ ]  aren't allowed without that I believe.

Also looking for someone who would like to make our group logo.

Anyway you can message me on the forums if you are interested =)
If no one else knows how you are most welcome to ask your friends if any of them knows or knows anyone who can figure this out.

Happy gaming!
Tailosdk / James Weyward(on CCG)

So we are now 6 people
29th Jul 2014 · TUU-SL Tailosdk · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

Newly joined people news and some info.

New Squadsite up and running!
26th Jul 2014 · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

Seems this host is much better and at the moment seems more pro.
2 people where accepted so far, still waiting for reply's on some others that haven't answered their mails yet. 

Forums where added, when you are accepted you can go introduce yourself to the squad in there and find info. 

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