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So we are now 6 people
TUU-SL Tailosdk 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 29th Jul 2014
6 people where accepted to the squad. That's a good start, one fellow from old site that where accepted never came back or responded to my email. Also a few people who wished to join who wasn't accepted yet that didn't answer my emails.

I started a Steam group as well suggested by Pixel_Me_This. I hope we all get time to go online and meet one of these days.
I personally (Tailosdk) just have 4 days vacation going camping from 31st of July to 3rd. of August. And I hope the weather will tune down so its less hot ^^. And please give me all your suggestions, I've made a forum area for that and you guys will help make things better.

Until we find a day for meeting up go on the forums and introduce yourselves.

Until now I have played with King of the hill, Flexxo and Pertikis.
So go have some fun and checkout the map if you haven't, its always good to run around yourself the first hour or so, this way you learn quickly about the map and loot spawn locations. And also which players are douches sometimes *lol*

Enjoy and have fun!


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